Friday, June 10, 2011

Just add lime

It's a great time to be eating in the Midwest.  I love rhubarb and ramps as much as the next guy, and I wouldn't trade those morels for anything, but now we're really getting somewhere.

Skirt steak marinated for a short time in olive oil, salt, pepper, winter savory, thyme, and spring garlic.  The marinade got brushed off and it got reseasoned before going on a grill.  Some more minced garlic was thrown on top of the steak after it was turned.  Millgate beef.  CA olive oil.  Urban Growth garlic.

Grilled asparagus.  Somehow they're still at the farmers mkt.  Olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Grilled spring onions.  Any questions, see this link at about 4:31 (not the same thing exactly but close enough).  Standard accompaniment to grilled meat down here too.  It's like eating summer.  Olive oil, salt, and pepper.  From Urban Growth.  I can't recommend these enough--standard scallions should be ashamed of themselves.

Chard w/ stems hiding underneath the meat.  Finely chopped stems got cooked before the roughly chopped leaves were added to the pan.  Same treatment as the other stuff--olive oil, salt, and pepper (and some more of that garlic).  Urban Growth FTW.

And salad with a standard vinaigrette.  Greens from Firefly, radishes Urban Growth.

It's just getting really easy to eat really well.


Debra said...

Sounds great, as usual CFT!
How was your asparagus crop this year? I'm moving to a new house in OC and fantasizing about putting in asparagus beds. Any advice?

The CFT said...

Pretty good year for the asparagus. I'm three years in and still harvesting cautiously.

NWS = great soil. Depending where you are it could be pretty sandy in a good way, and I haven't seen a parcel out this way that doesn't drain well, all great for asparagus (and just about everything else). Some folks like raised beds for the spears--I don't bother. Don't overharvest the first few years and I'll think you'll be very happy.

Thaks for reading.