Friday, April 3, 2009

Oaxaca, OAX Mexico

I'm not quite ready for a full OAX post, owing in part to a poor decision to drink a glass of hotel water on the last day of my stay. It's enough to say that I am thankful to the people of Mexico for maintaining the cleanest airport bathrooms that I've ever seen. Seriously. The bathrooms at Oaxaca and Mexico City's airports were spotless. The same could not be said for Charlotte.

Regardless, does anyone know the name of the above vegetable? This is not a trick question, I really don't know. They're not tomatoes and are not tomatillos, at least according to the vendors. They're beautiful little things that look like cool little heirloom tomatoes but are the size of tomatillos. I wanted to bring some back for seed but neglected to do so.

And since I'm not doing a full fledged food post today, see below for the coolest cooking related invention ever. This would kill at a farmers market, eco friendly and all. Brilliant, and supposedly a Oaxaqueño invention. (If you can't tell it's a bike operated knife sharpening stone)


Nancy Heller said...

You poor honey - I am sorry that Montezuma got you. When we visited China in 1999, several of the California Chinese in our group were felled by intestinal troubles from not being vigilant enough about the water.

Feel better and post more soon!

The CFT said...

Thanks Nancy. I was a little cavalier with the H2O. Then about 2.5 days of crapiness, so to speak.

After seeing your beautiful fish I had to go out today and get some myself, on the Westside, of course. So that may provide reason to post.

DianeS said...

Did you ever find out what the tomato/tomatillo looking fruit is?

The CFT said...

'fraid not.