Thursday, June 9, 2011

Season's Greetings

Seared and roasted chicken leg and thigh.  Chix stock/winter savory/parsley/lemon juice/mushroom sauce.  Chard w/ early garlic.  Mixed greens with radishes.  Summer's on.

Chix from Plum Creek.  Yard savory.  Oyster mushrooms from Killbuck Valley.  Chard from Firefly.  Salad greens, radishes, parsley, and garlic from Urban Growth (via CSA).

My only thought on the cooking of this meal relates to cutting the radishes.  I have a Japanese mandolin.  Food bloggers/writers love Japanese mandolinsThose things are great at slicing radishes and all sorts of stuff.  And they feel super cheffy.  I didn't use it here.  Radish slices don't have to be perfect.  Home ≠ The French Laundry.  The knife was already dirty.  The mandolin was happy in the drawer.  Slightly uneven or even horribly mangled radishes ≠ a bad meal, it often just equals home cooking.


jasoneats said...

I'm glad to see someone else with an Urban Growth CSA! I have one as well (splitting it with my sister) and I am loving it. In choosing one this year, it was important to me to support agriculture that is actually inside the city limits. Having now met Peter, Virginia, Molly and Erin, it feels really rewarding. At the first CSA pickup at Tremont, Erin said to me, "This is like a dream come true." I agree.

The CFT said...

It's a nice CSA--I'm in for a split share too.