Thursday, June 18, 2009

This Isn't San Diego

Fish tacos in the Great Lakes style.

Roasted walleye (Kate's), tartar sauce, and some homegrown cilantro. The fish was just broiled, broken up into pieces, and then lightly stirred up with some salt and olive oil.

I was going to go with a thinned out crème fraîche sauce for the tacos, but since fried walleye is so good with tartar why not use some for the roasted stuff? The tartar is 1 egg yolk (Plum Creek), grape seed and olive oil, diced bunching onion (Urban Growth), diced gherkins, lemon juice, dijon, parsley, salt, and pepper (forgot to add a drop of hot sauce).

Only thing missing was a lime (and the Tapatio).


Anonymous said...

Lovely! I love the idea of the fish taco, revamped for your locale. I wonder what a Nashville fish taco would look like? Naaaaah....only images I can conjure up are of spicy hot fried catfish with fried okra or something, and creamed corn.

The CFT said...

Thanks Rebekka.

Your Nashville fish plate sounds great. Good fried okra is tough to come by up here.

Tino said...

You definitely got my mouth watering for some of those fish tacos; those look fantastic! The last time my friends and I did a walleye fish fry, I made up a roasted garlic aioli with some grapeseed oil and white wine vinegar and it was a perfect pairing. My one friend didn't even know it was possible to make "mayonnaise" from scratch.

The CFT said...

Thanks Tino. I think homemade mayo is generally where it's at, although I do enjoy the Kewpie.

The aioli sounds great. Sadly, I've been out of garlic.

Also, I've been enjoying your blog.

Anonymous said...

My steamed Salmon did not turn out as well as your fish tacos. I don't understand how that happened.

The CFT said...

Probably the different time zone.