Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rethinking the taco

This is really just Part II from two posts back, and keeping with the using leftovers theme. Pictured is the leftover rabbit meat, diced and wok cooked with cumin, cayenne, salt, pepper, and a little soy sauce. Not being quite ready to harvest some of the homegrown lettuce, I chopped up some mizuna that was kicking around. After that, I shredded a few French Breakfast radishes for a topping (and to get some use out of the Japanese mandoline) and quartered one for a traditional garnish. The cheese is from raw cow milk, still hanging in the fridge from the trip up north. In that little silver cup is some creme fraiche thinned with just a bit of water. Doubled up corn tortillas from Super Mercado Rico at W45 and Lorain, a little Tapatio, and it was a truly satisfying meal.

I think tacos are one of the best uses of leftover proteins, or just about anything else (not much better than one with duck confit). Plus, they're versatile. No onions, use radishes. No cilantro, here it was mizuna. Cheese is always optional, hot sauce not so much. And anything sour cream-like absolves all sins. Now to get to work on the rest of the tortillas.


Westside Fish said...

Tacos have always been a leftover staple in my kitchen as well. I always have leftover proteins. Also, corn tortillas are dirt cheap and last virtually forever. One of the specials at my former restaurant was a scallop taco.
1. saute lardons until cooked
2. sear bay scallops right in the grease
3. drain slightly, and toss in a tortilla smeared with fresh pesto.
4. garnish appropriately
5. funky taco time.

The CFT said...

Bacon. Scallops. Pesto. Tortillas. I have those, may have to try it out. Although what I really like are halibut tacos. And I have burning desire to try an authentic So Cal fish taco. But alas, we have our walleye.

maybelles parents said...

i totally agree about tacos. we have them all the time to use up shredded chicken or with scrabbled eggs as the filling. (though usually we use frozen tofu.)

The CFT said...

Chicken, eggs, tofu, I even used ground lamb and last year's dried chilis today. Thanks for the comment Maybelles, I was looking for you at the Shaker Market.