Friday, August 17, 2012


Dinner salad, with: lettuce, blanched green beans, Azoychka tomato, tuna canned in olive oil, hard boiled egg, bell pepper, olives, tiny Kennebec potatoes, and avocado with a caper, mustard, lemon juice, canola oil dressing.  Lots of summer in there.

The best of the backyard (tomato, egg, bell pepper), farmers market (lettuce, green beans, potato) and . . . Trader Joe's (tuna, capers, olives, mustard).  You could do worse than TJ's for those four ingredients.  You could do much better, but you could do worse.

And the canola oil for the dressing--the good stuff brought back from a trip to Sweden.  So clean, and so strange higher end canola/rape seed oils aren't available locally.  Salad oil.  It doesn't have to come from olives.