Friday, September 10, 2010

Taco Nite

It was a nice spread. Starting at 9 o'clock, leftover elk meat tacos, smashed cumin flavored black beans, something kind of like or at least inspired by chile rellenos, and something kind of like or at least inspired by elote (similar version here). Condiments are lime, red onion, feta (feta??? it was in the elote), clilantro, and sour cream.

The knockoff rellenos started with beautiful poblanos picked up at the Shaker Market. Flamed on the stove and peeled, they then got stuffed with some leftover chunks of rindless brie and shredded gouda (edam is popular in Mex, so why not gouda?). While the peppers were being stuffed, a pan of fresh tomatoes (skin and all) pureed with a chunk of serrano was brought to a simmer with some finely minced cilantro stems. The skinned and stuffed peppers went into the fresh sauce, and the whole mess went into a 450 oven for the cheese to melt and start oozing out into the tomato puree. It wasn't a proper chile relleno, but it was very enjoyable.

Until we get a proper taco place closer than Painesville, this will do fine. Still, I want that taco place (and some place serving traditional Mexican food).


maybelle's mom said...

hey i was at a mexican wedding in LA this weekend, and the taco cart pulled up. we were up to our eyes in pastor.

The CFT said...

ahhh . . . the shepherd. i knew her well.