Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mexican Food

Real Mexican food, sorta. Many liberties were taken, but the flavors were authentic, or at least maintained a semblance of integrity. And the setting couldn't be more traditional--outside on a 90+ degree day.

This will be proofread later--sorry in advance.

Pictured above are salted Marcona almonds roasted with chili powder (Urban Herbs), strawberry blossom honey (Ohio Honey), and a little grapeseed oil. Also watermelon (truck farmers--maybe--at NUFM) seasoned with salt, chili powder, and lime juice.
Pickled carrots (Muddy Fork and Blissful Acres) and banana pepper (St. Paul's Patch). The brine was rice wine vinegar, water, sugar, cinnamon, black and white mustard seeds, clove, allspice, black peppercorns, chili flakes, and fresh garlic.

Fake elote. Wok fried corn (Buster at NUFM), Kewpie mayo, lime juice, salt, and chili powder.
All the above was served with margaritas. Why not?

Ceviches. We should have given Stuart, who took all these pictures, a prettier plate, but that's okay. Also, liberties were taken with the "ceviches." Whatever, it was good. Clockwise from 12:00: USA Gulf Shrimp (Kate's), Dungeness Crab (Costco, seriously, prev. frozen) with raw corn, and Scallop with some garden tomato. Everything was hit with lime juice, salt, pepper, and lots of cilantro. The shrimp and scallop also got minced habanero pepper, garlic (St. Paul's), and sweet onion (NUFM). The scallop ceviche may have been the fan favorite.

The chips are cut up tortillas fried in good lard (Country Gristmill, NUFM). The tortillas weren't the best for frying (they kind of wanted to split in two), but frying anything in lard and seasoning right away with salt leaves a big margin of error.
Served with a sparkling Rose.

Pumpkin blossom soup. One of the affable Ms. Small's contributions. Duck stock (Plum Creek duck), good milk and crème fraîche, onion, squash, purslane, and pumpkin blossoms (Covered Bridge at NUFM).

Hot soup on a hot day--it works. Even better when paired with a white Rhône.

Roasted duck (Plum Creek) and tomatillo tamale with mole negro (combination of Mayordomo jarred mole negro and a powder from a stand at Mercado Benito Juarez brought back to life with chicken stock).
The tamales were made with masa harina para tamales reconstituted with baking powder, good lard, and pork stock (Tea Hills pig). Thanks Ricky B. for the dough recipe. They were steamed in banana leaves.
The stuffing was roast duck and pureed, charred tomatillos.
Served with a petite sirah, the pairing was spot on, as only the famed Billy could do.
Melting ice cream. Not sure about the pictured scoop, but it was good stuff. This recipe, with a bit of Mexican pecan chocolate thrown in. Raw milk and cream from Wooster.

And the beautiful setting. A yard in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. The construction didn't stop the crowd.


maybelle's mom said...

wow what a feast. who was the mariachi?

Julie Wolin said...

Thanks again Dan! It was lovely.

Julie Wolin

The CFT said...

Sadly, no mariachi. I think they were up the street at Mi Pueblo.

Glad you enjoyed Julie.