Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Morning Routine

Metropolis Redline espresso. I go with Phoenix blonde generally, but a recent trip to Chi-town yielded the other stuff. Also stopped at Intelli for some single origin spro and a clover mugful of some blend. I like the Black Cat, but as far as single origin espresso goes, never again. The Redline was a revelation, and the trip to the Metropolis shop a worthwhile excursion.

Pretty standard stuff right above. Whole wheat pancakes by L., the last of this seasons wonderful melon, local syrup, and New Creation bacon.

Breakfast tacos. They're so good. Eggs, tomato, avocado, cheese, and eventually some cilantro, hot sauce, and sour cream.

Eggs, naan, cilantro, hot sauce. Naan from TJ's. Whatever, sometimes I'm in Westlake.


steve said...

Nice to see you both last night. Ended up not going home and cooking, but outside at the winebar with friends eating a salad and a sandwich from the market at the fig. Couple of nice wines forn the winebar. Surprising how many people we ran into last night that we knew, kismet perhaps. Very nice night to sit outside.

The CFT said...

Kismet? Sound to me like you belong on this side of town. Nice seeing you guys too.