Friday, September 24, 2010

Stuffed Again

Chile Relleno. Not the truest, but not bad. Stuffed with a mix of muenster cheese, black beans, and raw corn. The mix was like 2:1:1 beans, cheese, corn. Next time I'd probably go closer to 1:1:1. Generally I'm skeptical of things other than traditional cheese stuffed deep fried chiles masquerading as rellenos--I still have nightmares of an abomination I had around here that was stuffed with what looked like a previously frozen diced vegetable medley--but this worked out fine.

First the poblanos were roasted under the broiler until well charred all over, then left to steam from their own heat in a bowl covered with cling wrap. They were pretty easy to peel after that. Then they got a slit cut in them, had the seed pod removed, and were stuffed.

The stuffed peppers were cooked in a tomato sauce that was just canned tomatoes, cumin, salt, and pepper. A little olive oil too. The peppers on the sauce were put in a 450 oven for about 20 min.

Toppings are toasted pumpkin seeds, cotija cheese, and cilantro. The pumpkin seeds were cool. You crunch on them and it's like "shit, a pepper seed, really?" But then it's all "sweet, these seeds are much better than pumpkin seeds, and all the cool people in Mexico have been eating them forever."

Peppers from Covered Bridge, cheese from cheese people at Tremont Farmers Mkt (they're at tons of mkts), corn from FarmShare. Fresh roasted pepitas scored at The Peanut Shoppe of Akron. Not much pedigree on the other stuff.


Beth said...

Wow- the vegetable medley affair sounds gross, but not surprising for "Mexican" restaurants in NEOhio. My favorite stuffing for rellenos at home (other than straight cheese) is sweet corn, smoked gouda, and cilantro. Very tasty. Yours look yummy, too- may have to try beans the next time I make them.

The CFT said...

Yes, the medley was truly foul. I love smoked gouda on just about anything.