Friday, August 13, 2010

Of Pork and Weddings

First big harvest of tomatoes, New Creation pork chops, and a recipe from the Times. You can check the link for details, but basically it's seared chops braised for a short time in a tomato and anchovy sauce. A lovely zucchini salad is sadly not pictured.

Wine is a ridiculous Rioja from The Market at the Fig. 13 bucks for a Spanish treat. Plus a fresh baguette for some bruschetta--if not the best bread around, certainly the best stuff between Blackbird and On the Rise. Great little market. Kind of like a Zingerman's light with a local bent.

And over the weekend, it was all about prep for a buddy's sister's wedding. At a pretty stellar house. Apps and buffet for 110. Why not?

Plum Creek chicken, sage, and pancetta. Ripped from the pages of The Silver Spoon.

Check out the hole in the chix above. What an amateur.

Mmmmm. Gallucci's cuts good meat.

Also included in the meal was gnocchi from Ohio City Pasta and some pristine Coho from Kate's. While it's tempting, we just weren't feeling the saki [sic] variety from the grocery store.*

*FWIW, I did get some great imported canned tomatoes for the gnocchi from said grocery.

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