Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fried Chix

One chopped up chicken + Just enough lard to submerge = Chicken bliss.

Not overly thought out. Got home from work and hacked up the chicken. Prepared a quick marinade of milk with lemon juice (fake buttermilk) piqued with Old Bay, onion, smashed garlic, Mexican oregano, bruised winter savory and thyme, bay leaf, cayenne, and some salt and pepper (hmmm . . . should have thrown in some hot/chili-garlic sauce). The chicken parts rested in there for about 1.5 hrs.

After their bath, the chicken pieces were dredged in flour seasoned with salt and pepper, left to sit on a cooling rack, then dipped back in the strained bathing liquid (that got an egg added to it) and recoated in seasoned flour. A quick rest on the cooling rack again, then into some hot pure lard.

Knowing when they were finished cooking wasn't brain surgery either. The color was good and they floated. I took the temp of one piece and it was 170-something. I don't think a few degrees either way on the chicken or in the fat matter too much, as it seems like it'd be hard to dry these things out without burning the flour. As for under cooking them, I think waiting for buoyancy ensures no rawness. Either way, why perfect doneness and crustiness happen at the same time is one of life's most pleasant mysteries. The back pieces were the best parts.

Served with green beans (blanched then sauteed in butter with shallots), and mashed potatoes (with butter, half and half, chives, and sour cream).

Chicken from Plum Creek. Beans picked up at NUFM. Potatoes Ohio grown from . . . Dave's. Garden chives, winter savory, and thyme, and Urban Growth shallot and garlic. Farm Share onion. Snowville milk. Whew. Oh. And the chix got dipped in Ohio Honey.

And tea sandwiches from the weekend, for L's mom's b-day. Some gluten free options for a Swede. Egg salad, tarragon crab salad, dilled cream cheese with cucumber and homemade coho gravlax, and blt. I take no credit for the pretty presentation. I do take credit for pulled pork on Hawaiian buns that were put out later.

And Rosy Girl cupcakes for dessert. Good stuff.

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