Friday, June 25, 2010

Starches Are Good

Mushroom risotto. Made with duck stock (Plum Creek) and fortified with golden oyster mushrooms (Killbuck), which were cooked separately in butter. Risotto made the same way everyone makes risotto. Like their fat, ducks give good stock. Chenin blanc in the glass.

Mac and cheese with broccoli. Swiss, gouda, and goat (Lake Erie) cheeses with Snowville milk.

1.5 cups of milk, 3 tbs flour, same of butter, thyme, salt, pepper, dry mustard, paprika, and a bunch of shredded cheese for the sauce. More milk can be added if it seems a little thick. Broccoli was blanched in the water that would eventually cook the pasta and then dropped into ice water.

from Spring Hill Farm & Hispanic Urban Growers Enterprise via Farm Share. Thyme from Farm Share too (even if there is a bunch in the backyard). Bread is something wild from Stone Oven--that's the unedited color--also via Farm Share.

It's never too hot for rice or pasta.


steve said...

Hey Tomato,
Nice lookin' pasta. Hope you are still coming on Saturday, just made some All American Barbeque Sauce to go on the pulled pork.

The CFT said...

Hey Steve. We'll be there. Want us to bring anything specific?