Thursday, February 11, 2010

Unlimited Breadsticks?

Soup and salad. Salad is just mixed greens, a simple honey mustard vinaigrette (honey mustard, oil, vinegar, salt, pepper), Lake Erie chevre, and sunflower seeds.

Soup is made from just about everything I had around. Mostly from the NUFM. First chopped onion, carrot, and celery were sweated in olive oil. Then in went some light, thin beef stock (Millgate beef), tomato paste, and chopped potatoes and parsnips. That simmered for about 30 min, then in went some kale to simmer for about five minutes before serving. It was seasoned at every step, at the end, and finished with parmesan.

Served over brown rice. I cooked the brown rice according to a website that I can't seem to find now. It involved simmering rinsed rice in plenty of water for 30 min, draining the rice, putting it back in the pot, and covering the warm, moist rice for another 10 min or so. It worked out well.

Great, super simple soup. Blackbird bread.

Half of some coconut panna cotta. Basically cooked like this, but in a smaller portion. I used a little regular milk b/c I was light on cream and coconut milk. That wasn't a problem. Also, I used vanilla bean instead of "vanilla." Snowville milk.

That pic is after it set about an hour. I couldn't wait. It was good, but the next day it was great. Awesome, simple, not diet friendly dessert.

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