Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stuffed Flounder

Flounder stuffed with crab meat. Pretty classic.

It started with a whole boned flounder. Thanks Kate's. The stuffing was pretty simple, and pretty addictive. It started with fresh made breadcrumbs from a baguette toasted in a bit of butter. After the crumbs were barely toasted they came out of the pan and in went some diced onion and celery to sweat in some olive oil with salt and pepper. Once the veggies softened, the heat went off and the crumbs went back in along with some crab meat picked from a prev frozen snow crab cluster and chopped parsley. It was left to cool as I grabbed the fish from the fridge.

The fish got salt and peppered and was overstuffed with the above mix along with four thin slices of lemon (2 slices on the flesh of each half). I threw the fish in an oil slicked pan, poured some more olive oil over the fish, and put the whole mess in a 425 oven for just about 25 min. Really nice and super easy to eat/serve with the main bones removed.

That salad in the background is bibb lettuce w/ clementine slices dressed with olive oil, salt, pepper, and clementine slices. It's clean and refreshing. (We had this on Valentine's Day topped with something close to this lobster salad. We used Japanese mayo in the recipe--nothing wakes up the taste buds like msg.)

This was nice with the bonus of being a minimal mess dinner. Not too many ingredients, and plenty of time to tidy up when the fish is in the oven. And the whole thing can be prepared and served in one pan. Also, there's a fair amount of leeway with how long it all stays in the oven, so it's pretty low stress. You just have to like picking crab.