Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flame Broiled

LaFrieda patty, Bibb lettuce and Carola potatoes from NUFM. Potatoes fried up in duck fat from a Plum Creek duck. Lacto-fermented pickle from summertime. Bun from Dave's.

The cheese is a semi-soft Spanish cheese whose name escapes me, but it had just the slightest funk which worked with the burger. From The Cheese Shop.

Some chai iced tea by L., curry mayo, and ketchup rounded out the summery winter meal.

As for the famed LaFrieda beef, it's hard to give a great evaluation. I just couldn't bust out the grill in this weather, and wasn't looking forward to the cleanup that comes with stovetop burger frying. So the meat went on a cast iron griddle about two inches from a gas broiler.

The quality of the meat blend was beyond reproach, but the burgers came preformed, and as such were only able to be seasoned on the outsides. I like me a salty patty. I'm also not afraid to mix some worcestershire up inside the ground. So while these were fatty and pretty delicious, 2 of the 3 burger munchers would have preferred some more salt going on. The 2 Philistines are, however, saltaholics.

It's likely that a good char on a seriously hot griddle or grill would have changed things. These were just so fatty, in a great way, that under the broiler the bubbling fat and juices created a bit of steam and prevented a good char. So for home, what I'd really like is to get one of those LaFrieda steaks before they're ground up, as the meat flavor was redic.

In the end, while these were great bugers, for CFT cookouts I'm not giving up my grassfed ground beef anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you posting again. I have a few posts to catch up on.

Did you mail order the La Freida burgers?


Anonymous said...


Were those fries a single fry or were they twice fried?

The color on them is gorgeous and they look like they were crisp outside and probably nice and creamy inside.


The CFT said...

A friend dropped the uncooked patties off at my house. They're kind of available--e-mail me if you want the details.

Twice fried of course. I love frying up potatoes in a fat filled wok. (I didn't chime in on the forum convo, but I love a round bottomed wok on a gas stove, especially for small batches of fries.)

Thanks for reading.