Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tacos Sans Frontiers

Cross-ethnic tacos are so 2006 (according to this pretty funny list, kind of), but still, it's been a few days since a post and this was ridiculously tasty. The title was going to be "Getting Religious About Tacos," but The CFT shies away from creating controversy.

Simply a pair of corn tortillas filled with just a little cream cheese, sorrel, and cold smoked sockeye salmon. Thinking about it now, this is more of a quesadilla than a taco. Whatever it is, sorrel, salmon, and dairy usually work out well together.

And for tribespeople who take things more seriously than me, I've heard rumors that corn may be K for P. If so, here's your alternative to the standard Sunday fare come that special time of the year.

Seriously, this was very good. That's why I had to take a picture after the first bite (of the second one).


fuzzy nectarine said...

i thought the CFT was all about instigating conflict with the trash talking...or is that his alter ego...

The CFT said...

alter ego, like stay puft