Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sockeye from Kate's, Asparagus from Muddy Fork, some leftover tarragon mayo from this post.

The super skinny asparagus was sauteed in butter and grapeseed oil, and the salmon received the same treatment. Only thing a little different was that when I flipped the salmon to cook on the skin side I threw some thyme on top and basted the fish over the herb with the sizzling hot butter/oil mixture.

The imperfect scoop. It's tough when the ice cream comes straight from the ice box. Recipe here, with some of the sugar subbed out for agave nectar, half and half instead of the cream/milk combo, and a little sea salt on top.


maybelle's mom said...

That ice cream has my name on it.

The CFT said...

You let me know when you're all healthy and I've got a quart headed your way. Market delivery included.

lovestighthandcuffs said...

Looks so good!