Monday, January 26, 2009

Potato Gratin

Scalloped potatoes, pommes de terre au gratin, potato bake . . . whatever. Kind of like a lasagna with a thin bechamel sauce instead of tomato sauce, Ossau-Iraty* instead of ricotta, and potatoes instead of noodles.

It took 4 layers of very thinly sliced Kennebec potatoes (Red Wagon Farm) to fill the little casserole. The prepared casserole was covered with a buttered piece of aluminium foil and placed in a 425 oven for 45 min. After the 45 min was up the foil was removed and some more grated cheese was thrown on top (could have used buttered bread crumbs instead) in preparation for a quick trip under the broiler.

In the background, a terrine made of venison, pork, chicken livers, and apricots, amongst other things. I wish I could take credit for that. Together this made for a very hearty dinner, although I'm not looking forward to scrubbing that dish.

*Cheese from The Cheese Shop @ the West Side Mkt. Great service.

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