Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today I cleared a few links off the right side of the page. Most of the culling was due to lack of posting on the sites. A few, like Eating Cleveland, were eliminated because they are just terrible. Not good for Cleveland, or anywhere, really.*

If you think you were unfairly cut please post a comment and I'll sort it out. Accidents happen. Same with if you have an even remotely decent CLE food blog that's not linked. I don't catch them all, and try to give props to local food bloggers. The links often aren't any kind of endorsement, but it's neat to see what people around here are doing.

And sorry Miguel, I like your spots but you just don't update, ever. Still, this is hilarious. These too.

*I apologize. I try to stay positive around here, but that blog is just so awful my reaction is often visceral, in a bad way.

Edited to add that I find "Stacy's" posts on EC perfectly fine, they're just not enough to save the thing.


Russ said...

Thank the lord I'm not the only one that thinks Eating Cleveland is garbage.

Thanks for the entertaining blog, your daily cooking as an inspiration!

DianeS said...

O.K. not to add to the heap but um, did you see today's post? TMI people, TMI. Too bad I like the name of the blog.

I always thought if I started a blog I would name it "Cleveland's a Plum". And then I found out someone had already snagged the name. Not fair! Especially not fair becuase the blogger is too young to really have been aware of that whole campaign when it was going on.

The CFT said...

Thanks Russ. Glad you're enjoying.

Diane, I just looked at the post's title and yeah, probably TMI. Otherwise, as a transplant I didn't even know Cle's a Plum meant something, but I like the name and occassionally check out the blog, although I don't think it's for boys. Thanks for reading.