Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A timely meal . . .

A quick and easy recipe. This one's not local, but seems to reflect the crunch being felt around here. Based on a recipe from The Silver Spoon.

-Dried Pasta
-Canned tuna (I used canned in olive oil)
-Olive oil
-Bread crumbs (here I put some leftover On the Rise baguette in the food processor)
-Tomato paste
-Salt and pepper
-Garlic (optional)
-Rosemary (optional, minced)
-Hot pepper flakes (optional)
-Pine nuts (optional)

-Get pasta going
-Gently heat olive oil, tuna, and tomato paste in a separate pan (add garlic, rosemary, pepper flakes, and pine nuts if using)--don't brown the garlic
-Add a little of the warm pasta water to the tuna mixture/sauce and season judiciously with salt and aggressively with black pepper--strangely, it should have a bolognese-like consistency
-Once the sauce has been going for a bit remove the garlic, which should be softened, smash it, and mush and chop it into a paste, then add it back to the sauce
-Now the pasta should be ready, drain it being sure to reserve some water
-Add pasta to sauce pan and loosen with a little of the pasta water if necessary
-Mix and plate, topping with bread crumbs

This is a quick, low cost meal that is immensely satisfying.


Big AL said...

That was some lame ass meal! I expect more out of you "Tomato."

The CFT said...

It was delicious. You should take note. I had a nice post to go along with it about tough times and all, but that'll stay in the archives.

OhioMom said...


Thank you ... it is indeed crunch time for many, great low cost, big flavor meal :)

The CFT said...

Thanks OHMom. I know Big Al. He's a strange bird.

Maris said...

That definitely looks super-quick and easy...my favorite kind of meal!