Saturday, December 6, 2008

Duck Part II

Duck breast w/ vinegar, soy sauce, butter, coriander, ginger sauce (could have used a touch of sugar), store bought mango chutney (working through some house warming gifts), and duck breast fried basmati rice with carrots, green pepper, onion, duck, egg, soy sauce, rice vinegar, coriander, sriracha, and dried cherries, raisin, and cranberry. The rice was fried in a bit of rendered duck fat. It was addictive.

Duck and egg from Plum Creek Poultry, Valley City, OH. Coriander from Urban Herbs, West Side Market. Carrot from Blissful Acres (somewhere around here). Onions from Snake Hill Farm, Geauga Cty, OH. And the last of my bell peppers.


Christine said...

Hi- Is that a duck egg or a chicken egg? I ran across someone recently who was looking for duck eggs, and it would be great to tell them I found a source. Thanks!

The CFT said...

This was chicken egg, although any poultry egg would have worked. You could try contacting Plum Creek about duck eggs, although I don't think they have them these days. I hear Whole Foods has them, but can't confirm.

And with this whole bees and chickens in the city thing going on, it won't be long till all sorts of folks have them.

Sorry I couldn't help more. Thanks for reading.

Dine O Mite said...


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Can I use the ostrich eggs they have at Whole Foods? Just kidding. Next week is the last week at Shaker Square before they go inside. I ran into Ruhlman at the Plum Creek stand. When am I going to meet you?

The CFT said...

Hi Cal. I'll be at the indoor market slinging smoked fish in a few weeks. Stop by and say hello.

Anonymous said...

I can confirm that Whole Foods carries duck eggs, at least the half dozen times I've been. As well as ostrich and quail. Though ostrich wasn't available every time I was there, my mind is still buzzing with the possibilities of a $20 egg....