Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lamb Pasta

First tacos, now pasta. My two go-to meals. And with enough braised lamb shoulder to keep me fed through the new year, it only seemed fair that both of the standards got a work through.

Here it's super simple. Rustichella d'Abruzzo linguine, reheated braised lamb (rough recipe in the taco post linked above), and parsley. The key was using the defatted braising liquid as the sauce. I had planned on smoothing out the braising liquid with some butter or dressing the pasta with grated cheese, but the braising liquid, with a glace de viande consistency and made with maple syrup, vinegar, cider, and other nice things, stood on its own. Just thinned with some pasta water and reseasoned, it was worked well. No diary. Almost kosher, even

But where's the pork you ask? Doesn't this guy have a freezer full of pig products? (I have the memory of an elephant Ms. Maybelle's Mom.) Regarding the latter question--it's true. Fridge too. As for the former, while I love pork in all its manifestations, I'm going to try to use it with a bit more discretion. Like the use of the word "unctuous" in food circles (that's not directed at you Nancy--I just saw your calzone post--or anyone in particular), or phrases like "it is what it is," I think pork products are great when used well, but can really suffer from exploitative overuse. That, or maybe I just need to take it easy on the lard.

And a little something about "spring" lamb here.

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