Thursday, June 12, 2008

Simple Salad

Fresh asparagus, old cheese. This was quick and easy, with a vinaigrette very loosely based on the one that this guy served during Sunday's plated landscape dinner. The main ingredients are blanched Muddy Fork Farm Asparagus, French Breakfast Radishes, and Parmesan Cheese (that has seen better days). I meant to include to some cracked herb seeds (fennel, coriander, cardamom, or whatever) as some folks have been known to do around here. It adds an extra dimension and some more crunch, but the absence was no big deal.

The vinaigrette was a bit more involved. In order of amount it included olive oil; white wine vinegar; Plum Creek egg yolk (as per the Sunday dinner and this); local maple syrup; white miso; Dijon mustard; minced shallot, salt, and pepper. It all went into a mini-mason jar for a quick shake to emulsify and that was it. Since egg goes so well with asparagus, I was itching to make a dressing with egg yolk, and the asparagus has been flowing like water, this was bound to happen.


maybelles parents said...

love the radish chards. frankly love anything radish.

Chef's Widow said...

Yumms. Mu radishes are just getting big enough to eat.

The CFT said...

Nice to see some radish lovers out there. I was never a fan, but figured if I grew them I'd have to eat 'em. So here you have it. And they're good, as you two knew all along.

See you guys around town.