Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's hot outside

Pretty gross, in fact. Hot weather calls for hot food, as the folks in in the Caribbean, India, Mexico, and a whole bunch of other steamy places seem to have figured out. There's nothing fancy about this bowl of soup, but I had the ingredients laying around and it satisfied a craving.

-Onions, cut pole to pole and sliced (they randomly sprouted up in the community garden)
-Radishes, cut into batons (Shaker Farmers Market)
-Red Mizuna, chopped (")
-Brown Oyster Mushrooms, chopped (", Killbuck Valley)
-Asparagus, cut into large pieces and sliced in half (", Muddy Fork Farm)
-Dried Chiles de Arbol (seeds removed and broken up in pieces)
-Chili Oil
-Pancetta, sliced thin
-Mint, sliced thinly (feral in the community garden)
-Bragg Liquid Aminos (I was out of soy sauce)

-Put water on the boil
-Add chiles, chili oil, pancetta, and onion
-Once that's simmering add radishes, then mushrooms and asparagus as you feel they'll cook to your liking (there's a fair margin of error)
- Add mizuna shortly before taking off the heat
- Season with salt, pepper, and Bragg's (or soy sauce)
- Add mint to the bowls of soup (can also add sriracha if it's not hot enough)

Not much else to it. The flavor is good, but I'd like to try it with some other cuts of meat and flavoring to keep things fresh.

This week will likely be light on postings. Tonight, it's a plated landscape dinner at the aforementioned Muddy Fork Farm, some happy hour treats tomorrow, a Wednesday dinner with a few friends hosted by Cleveland's local food guru, and Friday a dinner prepared by some Thai exchange students (who are hopefully used to the heat). I know, it's a tough life. Unfortunately I'll have to squeeze some work in there somewhere.


the masked tomato said...

oh to live your rockstar lifestyle

Alex said...


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The CFT said...

Yes masked, believe me, I know. Alas, I cannot strum a lick. Thanks for pointing out the ridiculousness of the end of the post. If it helps to bring me back to earth, the Wednesday dinner was postponed, and I wouldn’t be shocked if the Friday dinner led to food poisoning.

I am going to try to hook up some of the cheese though.