Friday, May 16, 2008

Cleaning out the fridge

Half a dozen Plum Creek eggs, leftover troll caught King Salmon and asparagus, Farmers Market parsley, shredded Gre de champs and Valbert Vieux, a little 2% milk, and some salt and pepper. I consulted one of the finer food blogs around for frittata technique and got to work. I kept the oven at 425 (not 450), and just threw everything together in a pretty warm, buttered nonstick 8" pan. Once the eggs started settling I placed the pan in the hot oven. It firmed up in less than ten min.

Also on the plate are slices of a Frog Hollow Farm kiwi and some bread with the homemade rhubarb preserves from a few posts ago. A nice dinner, especially considering it was made with scraps.


maybelles parents said...

Gorgeous picture and delish.

The CFT said...

Thanks. And I've been enjoying your blog religiously.