Thursday, February 21, 2008

Traverse City

Absentee for the hundredth post. How sad.

Pictured via cell phone is a bag of dried Balaton cherries, yogurt covered dried red tart cherries, and M. Lawrence FIZZ sparkling wine, all sourced from the Traverse City, MI, area. Also pictured is a t-shirt for the niece, and the bag everything came in. It is National Cherry Month after all (and Black History Month), with today being Cherry Pie Day, and I found myself on a work trip in Traverse City. There was no avoiding a trip to The Cherry Stop.

It was a nice trip to Northern Michigan, with lunch at the Omelette Shoppe, dinner at the North Peak Brewing Company, and drinks at Mackinaw Brewing Company, the latter of which had very respectable oatmeal and vanilla stouts. If you're in the area, here are some other dining opinions.

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