Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pasta w/ Clams

I'm not sure of the type of clam, but they couldn't have been fresher. Also, there was a light sauce, the redness of which didn't really come out in the photo.

- Spaghetti
- Clams (fresh, soaked in salted water, changing the water a few times)
- Shallot (minced)
- Wine (white)
- Tomato paste
- Heavy cream
- Parsley (just picked from the stem)
- Salt and pepper

- Cooks pasta in boiling salted water
- Sweat minced shallot, with salt and pepper, in olive oil until soft and translucent
- Once shallot is about ready add tomato paste and stir to cook the paste a bit
- When shallot and tomato paste are good, turn up heat and add the clams and some wine
- When the clams and wine are added cover the pan and allow the clams to steam open
- Once the clams have all opened (They should open close to the same time as each other. If there are any that don't open shortly after all the others have discard the still closed clam.) remove the clams from the pan, take out the clam meat, and reserve (If they are left in the sauce they will overcook); discard the shells
- Add cream to the pan and reduce the liquid over high heat until the sauce gets somewhat thick
- Once the sauce is where you want it, add the pasta to the sauce and throw in the parsley and reserved clams
- Briefly cook everything together and then plate
- Enjoy

I didn't spend enough time reducing the sauce, and I may have cooked the parsley a bit too long, but the dish was enjoyable nonetheless. The broth was delicious even though it was little too thin. Also, if you have a good clam source, I'd recommend enjoying one of them raw before you start cooking. Shucking them may take a second to figure out, but the effort is well rewarded.

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