Friday, January 4, 2008

An Unlikely Combatant

In a seemingly ironic turn of events the Sinhalese Buddhists have engaged on a second front and entered the Coffee Wars, but on their own terms. Once quite the coffee producer, Sri Lanka is now better known for its one-time-namesake tea.

Here we have Dimbula Broken Orange Pekoe, described on the back of the package as "a tea that will give you a bright flavoury cup with milk at breakfast or tea time." The "Dimbula Valley[,] which is around 5000 feet above sea level, produces flavoury teas during the first quarter of the year when the weather is dry and cold." I added some cream post picture, but from what I gather powdered milk may have been more authentic. The pictured sugar made it in the mug too.

There's something nice about a tea with appellation labeling, which I imagine if I was more of a tea drinker I'd find is not too rare. This cup was very enjoyable, as would be most things with heavy cream and sugar. Still, the tea held up, and was indeed "bright" and "flavoury." And while there hasn't been a coffee entry in a while , that's just a result of a workday coffee habit (Who needs a French press with perfectly serviceable shots of espresso abound?).

Overall a good entry from the island nation. There will be more cups in the future.

As for being a slacker at posting, I'll work on that--it's been busy and hopefully will continue to be for a bit longer.

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