Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Can we get something like this in Cleveland?

[Plenty of great pictures in the link below]

I mean really, it's been several years since it hit the coasts. That should be long enough.

The San Francisco Chronicle

Crudo catches on
Chefs of all stripes are showcasing raw fish
Carol Ness, Chronicle Staff Writer
Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Crudo, ceviche, sashimi, tartare, poke, sushi -- it's all raw fish. And we are swimming in it.

Open just about any menu, from hipster bars to four-star restaurants, and raw fish will be right at the top. What once was the exclusive province of Japanese restaurants and sushi bars is now everywhere.

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stuart_spivack said...

I had a great raw salmon appetizer at Dante. I think they called it crudo but even if they didn't that's essentially what it was. Unless I'm misunderstanding something. It was fantastic. Chef Boccuzzi was an executive chef at one of the Nobu's. I know he had plans to do sushi, too. I'd expect more crudo and Japanese style raw fish from Dante. They do personalized chef's menus so this might be something to inquire about. Maybe ahead of time since they might not always have the appropriate ingredients.

Didn't Machu Picchu have ceviche? I know they're closed but I know they also had plans to open up a stand in the Metropolitan Arcade. I think ceviche is something that small mom and pop type Peruvian restaurants offer so they might have it there, too.

The CFT said...

Glad you found the blog. I haven't eaten at Dante, but had been to Lockkeepers for a work function--it's a nice space. You know how I feel about salmon, so I'll have to make it out there, although I'll admit it's not in my favorite neighborhood.

Never made it to Machu Picchu, but I know Luchita's, at least the one on West 117th, has ceviche on the menu. I've had it from them at Taste of Cleveland and it was great, but I'm hesitant at the restaurant. Otherwise, Light Bistro has a pickled shrimp thing, but I don't have too much to say about it.