Thursday, January 17, 2008

More nuts

Once again, vegan pasta from Ohio City Pasta. As long as they keep making it for the food co-op, I'll keep eating it. This time with walnuts, sage, and parmesan. It's easy to make, and with quality fresh vegetables being more than a little out of season, it was at least nice to use some sage that was peeking through the snow in the yard.
- Pasta
- Walnuts, smashed (I put the nuts in a bag and beat them with a rolling pin. I didn't worry about the skins at this point.)
- Butter
- Sage, chopped
- Parmesan, grated
- Salt
- Pepper
- Cook pasta and reserve some of the water
- Melt butter in a skillet and toast nuts in the butter with a bit of salt
- After nuts are to your liking add sage
- Once sage is warm add some pasta water to pan and boil for a few seconds
- Now add cooked pasta to the pan still on the heat, mixing well
- Season a bit more with salt and pepper adding enough extra pasta water so that it can coat the pasta
- Turn off heat and add a good amount of parmesan
- Mix well and serve
It's a good winter pasta dish. The herb can be changed, and the nuts stand in well for a meat. Enjoy.

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