Thursday, November 15, 2007

New take on an old post

[Photo removed due to grossness]

This is just an alternative way to serve what I previously made here. It was my first time mixing the goat cheese, salmon, and chives together, and it looked better in person. The taste was the same as the alternate presentation, but this style is more conducive to serving at a potluck or for a big group.

In the future I'd crumble the goat cheese well before mixing in the flaked salmon and chives, and I'd mix more gently than I did here, avoiding the white speckles of cheese clinging to the fish and chives that aren't too attractive. With the addition of store bought crackers (something thin and crisp--i.e., not Ritz) it makes for a quick thing to serve to a group. A spoon or knife is necessary, as it's not too dippable. It may look salmon heavy, but it's not.

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