Monday, November 12, 2007

Live (almost) from Lolita

The last time the country descended upon Cleveland Bush won the election. This time Symon became an Iron Chef.

It's good for the City, and was entertaining to watch. It was crowded, but not too bad. We won, and that's nice. And the crowd at Lolita, in the presence of the man of the hour himself, went nuts. What more can you ask for?

Note, this is the one time I was willing to break my own rule and take pictures in a restaurant. It's the exception that makes the rule. It's my own idiosyncrasy.

Since it was crowded a table for dinner was not an option. So, after the results came a friend and I headed to see what Just Like Mom's had to offer. No question that the food at Lolita is great, but the rib tips, greens, and mac and cheese at Mom's could hold its own against just about anything in town.

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