Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Dutch contender

Here's a picture from the Technivorm website. Unfortunately, budget and aesthetic constraints prevent The CFT from actually obtaining and testing a Technivorm machine. This very Dutch looking machine does get rave reviews, and after looking at the picture of their factory on the website, maybe they've just got their own style over there. And with a tradition that produced Bosh, Rembrandt, and Van Gough, perhaps they're a bit ahead of their time, even if it does look like they got stuck in 1988.
Technivorm is the brand that Corby Kummer of The Atlantic Monthly recommends in The Magic Brewing Machine (Dec. 2007). Here's the video, but I'll warn you, it kind of takes the romanticism out of the article to see a wired Kummer chatting with a coffee legend. I much prefer Arno on espresso, here. But I'm partial to West Coast coffee.

Also, I know I should save this for Germany's coffee war entry, but in the spirit of the Dutch language being broken German, and the Dutch tendency to note that some people "look so Dutch that they look German," here's a little Bach:

For an English translation of Coffee Cantata, go here.

Special thanks to Prof. Rocke at Case Western Reserve University for bringing the Cantata, and the Melitta Cup of Joe, to my attention.

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