Saturday, October 27, 2007

Very exciting

After being most of the way through with The Omnivore's Dilemma I realized it was time to give grass-fed beef another chance, and I think I may have found a local answer to the book's Polyface Farms.

As I noted a while back, I've had some very so-so grass fed-beef experiences with USDA Organic meat from a local farm (I really like farm, just not the beef so much.). I think the new vendor whose meat I'm trying has a lot of potential--more about beyond organics than organic. Plus, they cite Deuteronomy (11:15) on the front cover of their catalog, so it's just a couple of passages away from being kosher, not that that's ever influenced The CFT before.

So now there are some frozen flat iron steaks thawing in the fridge, and tomorrow I'll give the grass-fed stuff another go. I don't want to make the steaks nervous, but this is their last chance to sway me away from grain fed ruminants.

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