Sunday, October 28, 2007


Lox, eggs, and onion . . . not quite, but close.

- Eggs, well beaten (2 per person, I use a fork to mix them)
- Shallots, peeled then cut in half root to tip and sliced
- Smoked salmon, flaked (here, hot smoked sockeye salmon)
- Goat cheese, crumbled
- Butter
- Heavy cream (optional)
- Salt and pepper
- Lightly buttered toast
- Add butter to a heating nonstick pan
- Once butter is melted, add shallots and some salt and pepper
- When shallots are softened (but not browned) add flaked smoked salmon
- While salmon is heating through (it's already cooked) mix cream (if using) and eggs
- Pour eggs into salmon-shallot mixture, add a little salt (the salmon has plenty) and pepper, and stir continuously
- When it just about to your liking add and mix in goat cheese
- Remember that the eggs will continue to cook off the heat (both in the pan and on the plate)--I tend to turn off the heat once the eggs are just more than half cooked

Grab some coffee, turn on Meet the Press, and enjoy a leisurely Sunday.

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