Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Under the weather

White rice and brown sugar. Growing up, if I wasn't feeling well, this is what I had.

It's hard to say what did it. Lack of sleep, a flu going around, or about a week of intensive smoked food testing (read: a years worth of salt). Regardless of the cause, things are looking up. Jewish penicillin (chicken noodle soup) for breakfast, a sandwich heavy on the bread along with mac and cheese for lunch, and the simple dinner pictured above. So after this day of rehab, hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to pick some brussels sprouts that have been begging to be harvested for the last week.

The pictured bag of rice came from Pakistan via Halal Meats, a food store around the corner from where I live (near the Detroit/West Blvd. intersection). I'm not sure if the store is actually named Halal Meats, but that's the most noticeable sign on the place. Regardless of political affiliations, if you find yourself in the area, Halal Meats may be worth a stop. The rice was ridiculously inexpensive, and cooked up from start to finish in under 20 minutes. Still, for someone who doesn't eat rice every day, the ten pound bag was a bit intimidating.

- See above
- Bring rinsed rice, small pinch of salt (I couldn't help myself), and water to a boil (1 cup rice/2 cups water)
- Lower heat and cover for 12 minutes (following instructions on bag)
- Turn off heat, leaving covered for about 4 minutes
- Fluff rice and serve sprinkled with brown sugar

That it. No rice cooker necessary.


Anonymous said...

I hope that you feel better. Can't wait to see you.

The CFT said...

All better now. Thanks.

Liberated tomato said...

Why are you so sickly?

The CFT said...

What a cruel thing for a liberated tomato to say. I think "sickly" may be a bit too strong. As the post read, I was simply under the weather. And, as the comment said, all better now. Further, I hear that even liberated tomatoes have runny noses from time to time.