Thursday, September 20, 2007

Early fall harvest

Pictured above are Japanese eggplants, Chioggia beets (Italian), Jamaican chiles, Nasturtium flowers, Purple tomatillos (Mexican), Yellow Perfection tomatoes (English), and a Cayenne pepper. A few cherry tomatoes are in there too. And those are marigolds in the top left of the frame.

Not awful for late September in NE Ohio, and there's more to come, but not much more. Here, vegetables from different countries are gathered together peacefully, and tonight at least some of them will put their differences aside and get along well enough to provide a nice, healthy dinner for me, a transplant in the Midwest. With everything that was going on today, at least the dinner plate (or bowl) will be a bastion of uncontroversial inclusion (unless you consider not salting eggplant before cooking controversial).

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