Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dear Gimme! Coffee

Dear Gimme!,

I really like your coffee.  While taking a quick vacation to Ithaca you were my rock.  All four of your locations up there were excellent.  Truly.

Our first taste of your magnificent coffee was at the Green St. location.  Coffeeshop/bus stop--it's like you were in my head.  And when I was craving an affogato--it was hot out--your super-into-it barista suggested I head next door to Green St. Pharmacy for a scoop of ice cream (fantastic Cayuga Lake Creamery ice cream, no less, not that we had any complaints about Purity) that he'd gladly pour a shot of espresso over.  He does it all the time for himself, he said.  I don't blame you for not carrying ice cream in your stores.  Really, I loved the minimalist style and lack of ridiculous coffee drink options.  You didn't do much, but what you did you did perfectly.  Plus the top of the line gear and bottomless portafilters provided all the visuals I needed.  And when my request for an off the menu drink was met not with barista scorn, but instead genuine enthusiasm and interest, I just couldn't have been more pleased.

Imagine my shock and excitement when, on my way to the Seneca Lake Wine Trail, I discovered that your locations were not limited to downtown Ithaca!  While that trail did not exactly delight with what I'd consider  life-changing wines, the still-fun experience was made all the better after getting jacked up on your espressos in T-burgAtwater Estate, Red Newt, Lamoreaux LandingDamiani . . . . all were worth the visit and the super low tasting fees, with the sparkling at Lamoreaux, at $25 a bottle, being the winner of the day.  There were also plenty serviceable whites, though we didn't fall for any reds.  Also, the food at Stonecat out there was quality and plentiful.  And then there's just T-burg itself--what a great town.

Now, we had coffee elsewhere.  Ithaca Bakery offered a decent cup to accompany a more than adequate breakfast, but the juice just didn't compare.  Neither did the bakery offer such stimulating art work as the tasteful sideboob-showing photo at your Cayuga St. spot.  That just makes for a real nice way to start the day.  But before gearing up for walks like the long loop at Danby State Forest, checking out the crazy impressive vistas at Taughannock Falls, and a by the book jaunt at Treman, more sustenance was required.  So we dabbled elsewhere, always to return to you.

The State St. shop too was perfect.  And it's right by Da Westy--with that spot's great drinks, decent looking cart food, and a BK meets Cornell vibe--the kinda sophisticated and chill Felicia's Atomic Lounge, and Maxie's Supper Club (pretty decent southern food and suprisingly clean seafood).  Pretty awesome neighborhood.

Sure, it was odd to see vegetables aging well past their prime at Cornell's Pounder Heritage Vegetable Garden.  But a quality meal at Just a Taste with the local wine flight made things better.  Bandwagon Brewpub looked good too, even if we didn't get a chance to eat there.

Anyway, I see on your website that you have a retired trailer and are soliciting suggestions for a new location.  Have you considered Cleveland?  We already have an improving coffee culture--Phoenix, Rising Star, Loop, sometimes City Roast, a few tiny independents . . . even Erie Island does a good job (with Caruso's coffee?), and I'm sure another spot would be welcome.  We also seem to love getting food from trucks here, so I imagine our love of getting coffee from a trailer would be no different.  And clearly you know how to hang in the weather.  I've got an extra parking space at my house if you need some storage.  Free of charge.  Let me know what you think.


P.S.  We also really enjoyed the Ithaca Farmer's Market.  The Saturday one.  Very impressive.  The Thursday one was a little bootleg, but I can see the potential.