Saturday, December 24, 2011

The 12 Gravlax of Christmas

Quickly becoming a holiday tradition around here.  Decidedly not local, but if Hawaiians can have lomi-lomi salmon in the middle of the Pacific we can have this in the Midwest.  Below is one link I use and 11 ideas (sometimes with untested links).

(1) My go to (with some changes: coriander for fennel and an addition of star anise)

(2) Modern Mexican: Mezcal cured salmon

(3) The Brooklyn: Bourbon gravad laks

(4) The Dated Trend: Bacon cured salmon

(5) The Scandinavian: Beet cured salmon (Darina Allen has a nice looking recipe in Forgotten Skills of Cooking)

(6) The New Scandinavian: Local salmon cured with foraged herbs, home distilled aquavit, and something you didn't know was edible

(7) The New New Yorker: pastrami cured salmon

(8) The Modernist: regular gravlax started in a tumbler and then vacuum sealed prior to being cured, thoroughly blended, and formed back into "gravlax" with the help of hydrocolloids; possibly served on a trapeze 

(9) Moroccan Style: get some preserved lemons in there

(10) Japanese Style: sake and miso, add yuzu and it sounds pretty good

(11) The Portland: Columbia River salmon cured with barrel aged cocktails while wearing plaid (see also The Brooklyn)

(12) The Cleveland: Salmon cured with fish from Kate's


Russ said...

Good fun.

QuarryLaneFarms said...

Lomi lomi salmon isn't quite that fancy. It has to deal with just more Hawaiian salt.

Lomi deals w/ the massaging.

But hey-looks awesome.



Ben said...

I'll definitely have to try one of these. I've been confused about the term "gravlax" and thought that any raw salmon I've had was smoked. The fact that I'd just have to cure it makes the process a lot easier.

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