Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Dog at Home

Kind of.  Homemade hot dogs.  Ruhlman Charcuterie recipe via these earnest looking fellows.

Couple changes from the linked recipe but not too much deviation.  I skipped the second grind thinking making a heaping meat emulsion in the food processor would absolve all sins--it kind of did but next time I'd double grind just to see what happens.  Also I didn't have mustard powder so it's not in there.  And for some reason the corn syrup in the house was flavored with "real vanilla," but with the smoke and spice it wasn't noticeable at all.

Applewood was used for smoking.  I had to rush that part and smoked at 225 but but next time I'd probably smoke at 180 with very little in the way of wood chips--it doesn't take much.  While these things smelled like hot dogs once the blended meat came out of the processor, after a trip to the smoker there was no mistaking what was going on here.

Being that making these seemed like a good opportunity to clean out the freezer, instead of using just short rib as called for in the recipe these kosher style wieners combined some grassfed Millgate short rib and shank.  That shank bone is where last post's marrow came from.  My humble opinion--beef shank is way underrated.

Bertman's mustard, of course.  And some of the last of last year's sauerkraut.  Wonderbread buns.


Dine O Mite! said...

Word. Going to the advanced sausage class taught by Ryan Farr at 4505 Meats in SF (early November). Soooooo much more gratifying doing stuff like this, than eating it at a restaurant. Very cool.

The CFT said...

Enjoy the class. Books are great but hands on is where it's at. Cabela's is having a decent sale on a 7 lbs stuffer if you're looking for one--can't beat it.

Ben said...

I've been meaning to make those hot dogs forever but was intimidated by the time required, plus I haven't had a food processor for a while (but will soon be getting one).

How did you think they turned out vs. commercial ones or others you had? Would you have changed anything in terms of the spicing?

Also, thanks for the Cabelas' info.

The CFT said...

Ben, I'm e-mailing you.

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