Monday, August 22, 2011


The sauce to be making right now.  Onions (sweated in olive oil), the always underrated green peppers (sweated with the onion), and a touch of garlic, cooked with roughly diced tomatoes (skin, seeds, and all) and seasoned with Spanish paprika a very nice piperade makes. I stirred in some parsley at the end too.  It's so sweet, so good, and so simple.  Really, this is like garden crack and possibly the highest use of overripe tomatoes.

The fish is black bass seasoned with a little salt and pepper.  For cooking it got placed on the sauce in a covered pan and left to steam/braise for about five minutes.  That's possibly the most foolproof way to make super moist yet thoroughly cooked fish. And it suits the delicate black bass perfectly.  The sauce and fish were made for each other.

Seriously, if that sign was in Euskara, and I squinted a bit, someone could convince me that I was looking out from La Concha, not Edgewater Park.


Ben said...

That looks really good, and, between our garden and City Fresh, we have all of the ingredients on hand. Green peppers are strangely underrated. I wonder how it would work with perch from our freezer?

The CFT said...

Hey Ben sorry for the late response. In case the question wasn't rhetorical, I think the perch would be good and worth a try. Sauteed perch isn't generally for me, but this might be a good alternative to fried. Let me know how it goes if you try it.

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