Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chix + Honey + Wild Mushrooms + Corn

Broiled chicken leg & thigh, brushed with honey and left to cook for a few more seconds.  Veg medley is is chanterelles, blewits, yellow crooked neck squash, and corn.  The mushrooms were cooked with butter and a little shallot, the corn with just butter, and the squash with olive oil.  All the veg/fungi were cooked separately and combined at the end.  Ratatouille like, but very American.  No wine.  No herbs.  No cream.  And the squash, although young, got seeded--I like it much better that way.

Really simple and perfect for right now.  Corn from Woolf Farms,   mushrooms from Killbuck (but really, they're all over the place right now), shallot from Urban Growth, and I grew the squash.  Those salad greens are from Firefly (that season is just about over).  And the chix is from Tea Hills.

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