Friday, June 24, 2011

The Soo

Too much work travel.  But at least it was scenic.  Sault Sainte Marie, USA.

West Pier Drive-In.  Great, huge burgers.  Fries could use some work.  Definitely worth checking out if in the area.

Lockview.  Great location with views of boats going through the locks.  Decent whitefish.

Cozy Inn, just down the road in Brimley.  Very good whitefish.  Even better pork rinds--$2 for more than our table for four could handle.  Pictured above.

Soo Brewing Company.  Solid beer.  Not life changing, but for sure legitimate.

Frank's Place.  Pretty solid fried chicken.  Broasted?

Speaking of chicken . . . As for the lack of food posts, there's been cooking, just not much writing.  That's about 10% of some chicken wings we made for a buffet on Saturday.  Sometimes I wonder why people even bother with the rest of the bird.  Thanks Plum Creek.

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