Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Local Fish Dinner

And it's not even deep fried.  Some pan fried Lake Erie yellow perch with a brown butter/ramp green/cilantro/lemon juice sauce.  The greens are chard with finely chopped ramp whites and garlic cooked in olive oil.

The perch was incredibly clean tasting, but I think the fillets benefit from some type of coating, if even a light dredge in flour, before cooking.  Whole perch may be a different story.  Still, a very mild and pleasant fish.

The local greens were a nice change of pace.  From Firefly Farms at Shaker, as were the garlic and ramps.  The fish, of course, was from Kate's.

Next up is asparagus.  There's almost enough in the yard to justify some cutting.  Spring.  Finally.

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