Friday, February 11, 2011

Sushi Bowl Sunday

 Just about a week late.  We were hard at work.  Check out the ass on the guy by the window.
Communal prep, plating, and eating table.  Non-fish ingredients included egg, daikon, carrot, cucumber, enoki mushrooms, cream cheese, avocado, sprouts, and seaweed.  Seafood was queen snapper, yellowfin tuna, and scallop.  Accoutrements included wasabi from powder, pickled ginger, Kentucky soy sauce, furikake, sriracha, and kewpie mayo.  Rice was white and brown (brown was arborio--it worked just okay) and seasoned the way sushi rice is seasoned.
Not bad on those queen snapper nigiri pieces.  Tuna could use some work.  The rolls were hit or miss, but mostly pretty good.  Note for future: use discretion with rice.  There were many rice bombs.
Mmmm . . . tamago.  Also some spicy scallop up there (scallop + kewpie + sriracha).  The scallop nigiri can use improvement--bigger scallops does not equal better sushi.

All the fish was from Kate's and we couldn't have asked for better.  Purchased on Sat, on Sun everything was still great.  The queen snapper was super mild and had good texture.  Tuna was what you'd expect.

Not pictured is a bbq eel picked up in Asiatown.  After thawing I forgot about it in the oven.  The resulting charred eel wasn't pretty, which is a shame because it smelled great and we had eel sauce and everything.  All in all, washed down with some Sapporos, these were quality super bowl eats.

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