Monday, February 14, 2011

One week later.

River Cottage style corned beef, French lentils, and baby bok choy.  German mustard off to the side.

There was this post.  Then a work trip.  Then a day of soaking post brine.  And in what seemed like no time at all, there was corned beef bubbling away on the stove.  Despite the kind of long cure, it was the three hours of poaching that felt like an eternity.

The sides are green lentils cooked in water, drained, and mixed with some sauteed carrot and onion, mustard, great local cider vinegar picked up at the Shaker Winter Market, and olive oil.  Also a side of baby bok choy braised for about 5 min in veal stock.  Good sub for cabbage.

Next to corn: tongue. 

And I got that mustard at Hansa Haus.  I'm really trying to look past the second world war, because that store is ridiculous.


Ben said...

That looks like a really good plate. My only issue with making my own corned beef is consuming all of it (does pickled meat freeze well?).

Where do you get your green lentils? We really enjoyed the lentil side salad lately at Le Petit Triange (not that the other dishes weren't good as well) but I haven't seen a lot of green lentils around.

The CFT said...

Hey Ben. I'm not sure if it freezes well, but I just used a 3.5 lbs piece of brisket and that's really not too much meat, especially if you figure one dinner and one lunch. You can pickle less too if you're so inclined.

The lentils were from the Whole Foods bulk section. Gallucci's also has a decent selection of them. I love that side at Le Petit too. It's all bright and delicious.