Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolute Eating

Sort of lame, very inauthentic, but perfect for a post New Year's resolution meal. Piccata inspired. And except for the pictures, it's really no worse than this one, and that blog is crazy popular.

Super simple. Thin sliced chicken breast pieces(chix breasts have been breeding in the fridge as of late--I'll cook one and it's like two more take its place) get seasoned and just barely dredged in flour before being sauteed in olive oil to get a little color and just cook through. The meat then gets thrown in a 200 degree oven while the sauce comes together.

This sauce is tomato based. I'm sure that makes the dish called something other than piccata, but as an unedited and pretty much anonymous food blog, it's not like this is really a trustworthy source for anything anyway.

So, while the chix is in the warm oven into the pan goes diced onion and a little stock and/or white wine to scrape up the fond leftover from cooking the chix. Once the pan is clean and the onions are soft into the pan goes some crushed canned tomato plus salt, pepper, and rinsed capers to taste. Red pepper flakes would be a nice addition too (plus anchovy . . . puttanesca style). Once that's all melded and reduced in goes some chopped parsley and a small pat of butter (optional, very optional). Then back in the pan goes the chicken. Look at that top one--it kinda looks like a chicken leg. Weird.

I won't talk about those sad looking boxed salad greens (hopefully there'll be something good at the Shaker Winter Mkt, opening this weekend), except to say they were dressed with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. One of the best dressings ever. For now, just please imagine a side of braised chard or something.


steve said...

Hey Tomato,
We trust you, and I doubt you have ever cooked any thing that was lame. Maybe see you at Shaker Square on Saturday, or at On the Rise perhaps.

The CFT said...

Hi Steve. You shouldn't be so trusting. Will be at Shaker, but OTR may be pushing it. I turn into a pumpkin if I'm across the river too long. Also, I cook much lame food. You should have seen last night's dinner.