Monday, January 31, 2011

Child Labor

Marshmallows, from this recipe (some with a little pink food coloring).  I also looked here, which pretty much just copies (with citation) the previously linked Epicurious/Gourmet recipe, but includes pictures and makes the whole thing seem a bit more daunting than it really is.

The process requires a number of bowls.
If you just have one stand or hand mixer I'd suggest whipping the egg whites right off the bat and setting them aside.  I did the heavy mixing/whipping in the Kitchenaid, and used an old, inexpensive handheld mixer for the egg whites.  This project would have gone fine with only one of the mixers, but having the two definitely sped things up, especially because we did a double batch.

Cleanup was a bit of a chore, but we enlisted the help of some marshmallow eaters.
An added bonus was the chilly weather.  The recipe calls for 3 hrs to a day of chilling.  Can you picture kids waiting a day for these things?  We just covered the the glass baking dishes of the molten marshmallow mix and placed them on back steps.  A little lunch, relaxation, and cleanup, and 1.5 hrs later they were ready to cut.

Overall, big thumbs up to making marshmallows.  Limitless possibilities on flavors, and gluten free to boot.

Finally, last reminder: you've got until midnight tonight to enter last post's giveaway.

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