Monday, December 13, 2010

Not Quite Grilled

Ever since scoring Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art at the local thrift shop meat on a stick has been occupying an unhealthy amount of my thoughts. That pic above was my first real attempt at it.

On the left facing north/south is some skin (close, but needs improvement), the skewers with the smaller chunks (like the top left one) have wing and miscellaneous meat including the oysters (great), the skewers with the bigger chunks have leg and thigh meat (also great), at the bottom right is neck sans skin (awesome, if not a bit difficult to eat), and the two flatter pieces on the middle right are the tenders from the chicken breast (didn't try them, but heard they were good). The main portions of the chix breast were used elsewhere.

All the meat was marinated in a mix of soy, mirin, vinegar, oil, sriracha, ginger, and garlic for about an hour. It got cooked on the grill side of a griddle (like this one) right under the broiler. They cooked pretty quick.

The sauce is similar to what was on the soba noodles in the last post. Here it was almond butter, soy, vinegar, sriracha, ginger, garlic, a little oil, and just a few tablespoons of chix stock to thin things out.

Not proper yakitori by any means, but good nonetheless. I mean, I just can't justify picking up one of these things no matter how cool they seem. Plus it's snowing, and I'm not that hardcore.

Chix from Plum Creek. This was a great way to get all the meat for a few meals and have clean bones for stock.


steve said...

That looks great, might just have to do some this weekend. My marinade usually has the seasoned sushi vinegar in it, so maybe just a little sweet, more like teriyaki I suppose.

The CFT said...

I hear you. The mirin here was super sweet. Sadly, I was out of rice wine vingegar, but a regular white wine vinegar worked okay.

QLF said...

Much appreciated bits that get left out.

We did hearts and gizzards and it turned out awesome.


The CFT said...

You guys running that as a special or was it a one off?